Errand Brings Washington County Woman a $2 Million Lottery Prize

Scratch-off was mystery ingredient for success on grocery trip

The cold winds of winter are whirling in Western Maryland, but a lucky Maryland Lottery player isn’t feeling the chill. She is cozy and warm with the knowledge of an unexpected windfall that turned her into a multimillionaire.

The Washington County resident told Lottery officials that a typical trip to a Smithsburg grocery turned amazing when she purchased a Rose Gold Black scratch-off on her way out of the store. In addition to her loaded grocery cart, the lucky lady also managed to wheel away a $2,000,000 prize!

The winner, calling herself “Mystery Ingredient,” explained to Lottery officials that it was her trip to Martin’s Food Market #6556 that helped her find Lottery luck. While staying home most days due to the pandemic, “Mystery Ingredient” began exploring her culinary abilities. That pursuit now requires her to visit the grocery often to buy ingredients required by recipes. She usually purchases low-priced scratch-offs at the store but decided, on her life-changing day, to try the Lottery’s $30 Rose Gold Black game.

She quickly scratched off the instant ticket before heading out to load her vehicle. “Mystery Ingredient” then saw a win so sizzling hot it could melt ice cream. She had revealed a gold bar emblem, which is an “instant win” symbol and meant she won the prize below the emblem. That prize was an unbelievable amount.

“I saw the $2 million and I was just in shock,” she said. “I had finished the ticket and scanned it to make sense of what I was seeing and it said ‘Go to Lottery.’ I looked at it again and that’s when I knew I had actually won the prize.”

The $2 million fortune gives the winner additional financial security. “Mystery Ingredient” said she and her husband have no immediate plans for the windfall but it opens up several possibilities for their future.

Her lucky grocery is located at 22401 Jefferson Boulevard in Smithsburg. For selling the $2 million top prize on the scratch-off, the store earned a $2,000 bonus from the Lottery.

The Rose Gold Black game is one of three $30 scratch-offs currently on sale at Lottery retailers statewide. On sale since February 2020, the instant ticket now has two $2 million prizes remaining and three unclaimed $50,000 prizes.