Family Birthdays the Ticket to Racetrax Player’s Winner’s Circle Visit

Baltimore man pockets $31,685 prize

He doesn’t play every day, or even every week, a Baltimore man told Lottery officials on Monday, but when he does, the game is always Racetrax. The popular simulated racing game has rewarded that allegiance, delivering $11,000 and $5,000 wins this year.  This kind of good fortune in the recent past makes his luck last week all the more amazing.

“I had a feeling that day,” the 52-year-old port employee explained when asked why he played his favorite game on July 3. “It’s tough to explain, it just somehow feels like a Lottery day sometimes.”

Visiting Security Mall that day, he stopped by The News Stand to buy a Racetrax Superfecta Box ticket with the Bonus, good for 10 races.  The horses he chose – 3, 4, 6 and 10 – correspond to family birthdays.

He was driving home several hours later when he noticed a Lottery retailer and remembered his Racetrax purchase. “My stomach just dropped,” he said, describing his reaction when he saw the prize he’d won. “I called my girlfriend to tell her and she started crying. She started up again with the tears when I got home.” The couple are in the process of buying a home, an effort that will be aided significantly by the $31,685 win, he explained. “It was a pretty special moment.”

If you should wake up with a “Lottery day” kind of feeling, maybe stop by The News Stand at 6901 Security Boulevard in Windsor Mill. Management there received $316.85 bonus from the Lottery for selling this lucky Racetrax ticket.