Oxon Hill Woman’s Impromptu Purchase Results in $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Ultimate Cash game buy motivated by another customer’s purchase

A Prince George’s County resident who went to a White Plains liquor store to buy alcoholic beverages made an impromptu purchase of a $50,000-winning Ultimate Cash scratch-off.

The Oxon Hill woman credits another customer’s purchase of Ultimate Cash instant tickets for her spur-of-the-moment decision to buy the game. The 50-year-old said she occasionally plays scratch-offs.

“I was in a liquor store buying drinks and the guy in front of me bought two tickets. So, I decided that I wanted to buy the third ticket,” said the lucky lady.

The federal government employee bought the $10 game and instantly scanned the instant ticket to discover her Lottery luck. “I couldn’t believe it. My eyes got big,” she said.

The happy winner is undecided on how she will spend her prize but noted that she likes to travel. She made her lucky purchase at Jimmie’s Paddock located at 4740 Crain Highway in Charles County.

This is the third $50,000 prize won in the Ultimate Cash game, which went on sale June 19 and is still the second most popular scratch-off on the Lottery’s Top 40 Scratch-offs list. All eight top prizes of $100,000 are still unclaimed and 51 $10,000 prizes remain unclaimed. There are also many prizes remaining ranging from $10 to $1,000.