First Responder in Shock, Husband Shouting about $100,000 Win

A Baltimore first responder and her husband celebrate their $100,000 top-prize win.

Loyal player claims top prize on $100,000 Ca$h game

An emergency medical services specialist from Baltimore told Lottery officials this week that she’s a fan of all Lottery games. Her heart could now belong to scratch-offs, however, and especially to the $100,000 Ca$h instant ticket. The $100,000 top prize she won this week playing the game likely vaulted the instant ticket to the top of her play list.

“I get a ticket just about every day,” the city resident explained, “either on the way in or the way home from work.” As for what game she plays, she says there’s no rhyme or reason to her selections.

“It’s really just what I feel like that day. Sometimes Pick 3, sometimes it’s Multi-Match and sometimes Keno.” Happily for her family, the anonymous player going by the nickname “Mrs. B.O.A.T” was in a scratch-off mood earlier this week.

The $100,000 Ca$h game caught her eye when she stepped into Southwest Discount Liquors with her husband to try her luck. The $30 game debuted in September with 65 top prizes available. It was pure coincidence, “Mrs. B.O.A.T” told Lottery officials, that the lucky instant ticket found its way into her hands. “I had exactly $30 in cash when I walked in, it seemed like the perfect match.” A few minutes later, the store’s ticket scanner confirmed the connection.

“I didn’t say anything when I saw what I’d won, I just stood there in shock,” the loyal player recalled. When her husband saw the prize amount, he couldn’t contain his excitement. “There was no way I could stand still. I ran out of the store to our car, shouting the whole way,” he said.

The couple spent that night thinking about how best to use their $100,000 prize. “We don’t have any definite plans yet, other than taking care of the kids’ futures and helping our family,” said “Mrs. B.O.A.T.”

Their lucky Lottery retailer also benefits. Southwest Discount Liquors at 3212 Washington Boulevard in Baltimore will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize winning scratch-off. The $100,000 Ca$h game still has 59 top-prize winning instant tickets to offer scratch-off players, as well as 36 $5,000 second-tier prizes and 16,101 $500 prizes.