Forestville Couple Wins $50,000 Pick 5 Prize on License Plate Number

Sister often plays the same combination, but didn’t have a ticket for the hot drawing

A husband and wife from Forestville consider themselves regular Maryland Lottery players, but the Pick 5 evening drawing on Aug. 5 was anything but regular. They won $50,000.

Most days, but not all, the husband buys tickets and his Pick 5 selection is always the same: a combination of his mother’s license plate number. He and his sister both play the combination, so when it hit in the Aug. 5 drawing, his sister called to ask if he had played it that particular drawing.

“Mom’s number came up,” she informed him.

Not 100 percent certain as to whether he had played Pick 5 that drawing, the Prince George’s County resident found his tickets and scanned the lucky $1 straight bet on 42525 using the Maryland Lottery app on his phone. His ticket was, indeed, a winner. Unfortunately, his sister had not purchased a ticket that night.

The couple said some of the prize would go to the husband’s mom. They also plan to make a few house upgrades, and, as the husband put it, “We’re going to build the bank account back up.” The two are also planning a nice celebratory dinner.

Also having reason to celebrate is the Exxon gas station at 6500 Suitland Road in Morningside. The Prince George’s County business, which sold the winning ticket, will receive a $500 bonus – equal to 1% of the prize – from the Lottery.