Forgotten Midday Play Leads Lucky Player to Evening Drawing Success

Severn man claims $100,000 prize on two winning Pick 5 tickets

An Anne Arundel County man who plays Lottery games once or twice a week forgot to play his numbers for a midday Pick 5 drawing. Instead, he played his 12123 numbers straight for the evening drawing not once but twice. He now gets to celebrate two $50,000 top-prize wins for a grand total of $100,000.

The Severn resident purchased his winning tickets for the May 3 drawing at The Place located in Odenton. He initially wanted to play numbers “1212” on Pick 4, but that number was already sold out. That’s when he decided to play “1212” with an added “3” straight on two Pick 5 tickets. The very next morning, the loyal player checked the winning evening Pick 5 numbers and got the shock of a lifetime learning that he had two $50,000 Lottery prizes coming his way.

The lucky winner couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He currently drives for ride-sharing companies and plans to use his winnings to buy a new home and boost his savings account.

The Place, located at 8318 A&B Telegraph Road in Odenton will receive two $500 bonuses for selling two top-prize winning Pick 5 tickets.