Fortune Cookie’s Lucky 7 Message Leads to $57,777 Scratch-off Prize

Prince George’s County man claims top prize on Winning 7 game

A few seemingly unrelated things happened to a telemarketing specialist a few weeks ago, resulting in a sequence of events that led to a $57,777 top prize on a Winning 7 scratch-off. “These kinds of things never happen to me,” he told Lottery officials this week. It’s a phrase that he can never use again!

The resident of Mount Rainier in Prince George’s County is a Lottery player and a fan of Chinese food. These three elements, which have no obvious connection, played a role in his lucky win.

First, a few days before his big score, our winner picked up Chinese food for his family. Along with his meal came a fortune cookie with a message proclaiming “7” to be his lucky number.

He then found himself in the mood for one of his biweekly Lottery tickets. The loyal player visited 7-Eleven #24841 in nearby College Park and noticed a Winning 7 scratch-off, which he’d not played. “That fortune cookie was still in my mind, so it seemed like the best game to try.”

Winning 7 joined the Lottery’s offerings in November. The $5 instant ticket’s eight top prizes were down to five when the player found his Lottery luck. There are now four $57,777 top prizes available as well as five $7,000 second-tier prizes.

“It took so long to really believe this was real. Even after the Lottery app confirmed it, my family had to work on me before I accepted it.” He will dedicate his winnings to car repairs first and then to his New House fund. His lucky 7-Eleven can be found at 8600 Baltimore Avenue in College Park. The Prince George’s County business will receive a $577.77 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $57,777 top-prize winning scratch-off.