Prize Structure and Probability

Prize amounts of $600 or less in red can be cashed at any Maryland Lottery retailer.

Matching on a single lineProbability of winning per lineProbability of winning per $2 ticket**Prizes
6 of 61 in 6,096,454.01 in 2,032,151.7JACKPOT*
5 of 61 in 27,461.51 in 9,154.2$1,000
4 of 61 in 610.31 in 203.8$20
3 of 61 in 39.21 in 13.4$2

Matching on multiple linesApproximate probability of winning per $2 ticketPrizes
10+ of 181 in 168,239.7$2,000
9 of 181 in 15,098.4$500
8 of 181 in 1,740.2$100
7 of 181 in 272.5$20
6 of 181 in 58.0$7
5 of 181 in 16.9$2

The approximate overall probability of winning is 1 in 8.5.

The fixed prizes may be paid on a pari-mutuel basis and will be lower than the published prize amounts if certain levels of prize liability are reached.

* The Lottery will announce the estimated jackpot annuity value and cash option value for every Multi-Match drawing. The advertised amount will be the prize amount that is paid to the winner(s) of the jackpot; the jackpot prize will be divided among multiple plays. When a jackpot prize is claimed, jackpot winner(s) will have the option to receive the jackpot prize in annuity payments paid 25 equal installments or in a single “cash” payment. A jackpot prize will be paid in an annuity, unless the winner selects “cash” payment method within 60 days after the validation date, even though a winner has 182 days after the drawing to claim a prize.

**The Probability that one or more lines in a three-line game will win a prize at the given level. Since more than one line can win a prize, levels are not mutually exclusive.