Germantown Man’s Social Event with Friends Results in $50K Prize

He becomes 74th top prize winner on $50,000 Cash game

A Germantown man says he and his two friends have a tradition of hanging out and buying scratch-offs together.

He became the big winner of the group as he won the top prize on the popular $50,000 Cash game.

“We all go to different places and do this for fun. This is a chance to see my friends and play some scratch-offs.” he explained about the social interaction of his group.

According to the Montgomery County resident, the friends started the tradition six years ago. The lucky winner said each person buys their own tickets and there is typically no three-way split, but said he plans to give a little gift to his friends.

“When one of us wins a hundred dollars, we usually give the other guys a few bucks,” he noted

The 53-year-old plans to pay off bills. He described the experience of the big win as “exciting”. When he started to scratch his ticket, he instantly saw he was a winner. The first number in his “Your Numbers” was 03 and the $50,000 prize was underneath that number.

Then he looked over and saw 03 in his “Winning Numbers”. That resulted in the top prize of $50,000.

“I couldn’t believe it. I then checked it in the store, and it was true,” said the maintenance worker.

The lucky ticket was purchased at the Germantown BP on 19911 Aircraft Drive in Montgomery County. The Germantown retailer will receive a bonus of $500. The $20 $50,000 Cash started back on Dec. 29 with 160 prizes. The Germantown man is the 74th winner, but 86 still remain along with prizes ranging from $20 to $5,000.