Hunch Leads Baltimore Retiree to $50,000 Win

FAST PLAY game delivers biggest prize she’s ever won 

A retired Baltimore City resident credited a lucky hunch with her decision to buy a FAST PLAY ticket last week. Her selection of a $10 Winfall Doubler game has had a significant impact on her bank account. Once she examined it, the ticket had her sitting in her living room, shaking, unable to call family members to share news of her $50,000 win.

“The lucky feeling got me into the store,” the former medical equipment saleswoman told Lottery officials, “but it didn’t tell me which game to play.” As she stood there in Milford Liquors at 8100 Liberty Road in Baltimore, wondering what to do, her gaze fell upon a FAST PLAY advertisement so she picked the first FAST PLAY game she saw.

FAST PLAY games are basically scratch-offs that players don’t need to scratch – the results are right there to see. “When I play scratch-off tickets, I always wait until I get home to scratch,” she said. “When I bought the Winfall Doubler, I purposefully didn’t look at it so the surprise didn’t come until I was home.”

When the shock of her $50,000 win eased a bit, the 73-year-old phoned her sister. “My hands were still shaking, but I was able to get the words out.” The sisters celebrated over the phone and then later in person. “We both kept saying, ‘God is good.’”

Paying bills, sharing some funds with family members and traveling are among her plans for the $50,000 prize.

Winfall Doubler tickets became available in January. The game still has 22 of its $100,000 top prizes to offer players, as well as 18 more $50,000 prizes and 27 $20,000 prizes. No prize in the $10 game is less than $20.