Investment Property in the Works for Couple After $100,000 Lottery Win

Pair won with Pick 5 tickets bought at two different locations for two different drawings

A pair of players from Western Baltimore County scored $100,000 playing Pick 5 by buying two $1 straight bet quick-pick tickets two days apart.

On Oct. 16, the Windsor Mill duo hit the evening drawing with the combination 74786. On Oct. 18, they played the evening numbers again and won with the numbers 42843.

With their winnings, they plan to purchase an investment property in their native country of Nigeria. They are U.S. citizens and have been for years, but they still have ties to the old country. “God bless America!” the wife said.

In celebration, the two planned to take their children, ages 13 and 9, out for a lobster dinner. And, they plan to keep playing the Lottery.

The winning tickets were purchased at two different locations. Each retailer picks up a bonus from the Lottery of $500, equal to 1% of the prize. The Oct. 16 ticket was sold at Dollar Buys, 6901 Security Boulevard in Woodlawn; the Oct. 18 winning ticket was sold at Rolling Road Exxon, 7415 Windsor Mill Road, Windsor Mill.