Jackpot Fever Produces $50,000 Powerball Prize

Virginia woman finds fortune at MGM National Harbor casino

Life doesn’t take her into Maryland too much anymore, an Arlington woman told Lottery officials, but Powerball recently gave her a billion reasons to visit. The game’s near record-breaking jackpot roll, which ended Oct. 11 in a $1.765 billion win, put her in just the right place to win $50,000.

“Virginia sells Powerball,” the federal contractor explained,” but I can’t play the Double Play there. When I play, I like the Double Play so I come up here for tickets.” The Double Play, which for an extra $1 enters a Powerball ticket into a second drawing occurring immediately after the regular winning numbers are drawn, apparently likes her, too. Her $50,000 prize came courtesy of the Double Play add-on feature.

The 64-year-old checked her $20 Powerball quick-pick ticket a few days later. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I scanned it.” Confused by the abundance on zeros on the scanner screen, the Virginia resident looked again only to realize that what she first thought was a $5,000 prize was in fact much bigger. “I stayed as calm as I could and hurried to my car.”

Having to wait several days until a family member’s schedule allowed him to accompany her to Baltimore, the out-of-state winner took good care of her lucky Powerball ticket. “I arranged to telework for those days. I didn’t want that thing out of my sight.”

The Lottery vending machine at the MGM casino at National Harbor issued the $50,000 winning ticket. If you care to try your luck there, tap 101 MGM National Avenue, Oxon Hill, into your GPS.