Kent County Retiree Wins Five Figures on Six Figures Scratch-off

Claims $50,000 second-tier prize on $10 game

“It had not been a lucky game for me,” a Kent County woman told Lottery officials when asked about the Six Figures instant ticket she brought from home. “I decided to give it one more chance.” Her decision turned out to be a very good one when the $10 scratch-off produced a $50,000 prize.

The 83-year-old retired hospital official had asked her daughter to pick up a few Lottery tickets for her on a grocery trip last week. “I don’t get around as well as I used to,” she explained. “I told her the exact three games to get for me.” Just before her daughter left, the mother called her back. “I added Six Figures to the list,” she said. “I just had a feeling.”

The first words to leave her lips upon scratching off the $50,000 winning scratch-off was “Thank you, Jesus!” the Eastern Shore resident said. The first sound to leave her lips, however, brought her daughter running. “I heard a shout from the living room. I thought something terrible had happened,” the daughter said. There were a few more minutes of shouting before the house settled down, they reported.

Six Figures debuted in December 2022 with nine $50,000 prizes. Five remain. Also available are four of the game’s $100,000 top prizes and 18 more $10,000 prizes. Lewes Dairy at 840 High Street in Chestertown sold the $50,000 Six Figures winner.