Lady Luck Dishes Up $50,000 Gold X50 Prize for Annapolis Caterer

Player stunned by scratch-off success

An Anne Arundel County woman told Lottery officials that she was having one heck of a day last week – and not in a good way. A stop for gas and a rare Lottery scratch-off purchase reversed that unhappy trend.

“I was feeling so stressed that morning,” the 60-year-old Annapolis resident confessed. She is hosting an important family event in a few weeks and getting the final details in place was becoming a challenge. “Making sure that everything is perfect and, just as important, that everything is paid for has kept me running nonstop.”

Having just completed one of her many errands, the lucky caterer realized the car’s gas tank demanded attention. She stopped at Dash In #70792 in Severn. “I went inside to pay and the sudden urge to get a Lottery ticket hit me,” she shared. A once or twice a year Lottery player, the lucky caterer decided to try a scratch-off ticket, something she’d never done before.  “Maybe it was that I was tired of waiting to see how things would turn out. I wanted to know now.”

Unfamiliar with using the Lottery vending machine at the store, she got help from other players in line at the machine. “They were so kind. I told them that I wanted to win $50,000 to cover the event costs and they helped me find the game that could do it.”

Picking out three Gold X50 instant tickets, she scratched away. “The first two had no wins at all, but I knew the third one might be lucky when I saw two of my lucky numbers at the top of the ticket.” Still, the $10 game made her wait, only revealing the $50,000 match on its very last line.

“I was shocked when the cashier confirmed the prize, just couldn’t believe it. I wanted to tell him that he must be joking, that it wasn’t possible, but I couldn’t speak.” She was so unnerved that she sat in car for 20 minutes until her hands stopped shaking so she could drive home safely. “I really thought I was going to faint right there in the store.”

The Gold X50 game debuted in January with 10 $100,000 top prizes. Three remain, along with two more of the $10 ticket’s $50,000 prizes. The game is a member of a Gold Multiplier family of games and the Gold Multiplier second-chance promotion. Upcoming entry deadlines for the chance to win $50,000 are May 22 and June 19. Other members of the scratch-off family are the $1 Gold X5, $2 Gold X10 and $5 Gold X20 games.

Hats off to the good people – employees and customers – at Dash In #70792 at 7845 Quarterfield Road in Severn for their roles in this happy story.