Lottery ‘Lightning’ Strikes Twice in Same Store for $100,000 Score

District Heights player’s two Pick 5 tickets with same numbers yield double win

A Pick 5 player from District Heights is delighted that Lottery luck struck twice, lightning fast, in the same store on two tickets with the same numbers to give him a $100,000 payday.

“I play it daily waiting for lighting to strike!” the loyal Pick 5 player said on May 31 after claiming his prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The 76-year-old always buys at least one ticket for each drawing, he said, but sometimes he gets a lucky feeling and buys more.

“Sometimes I’ll buy five. I may see numbers somewhere, like on a license plate,” said the winner, explaining the motivation for his occasional purchase of multiple tickets with the same number. In this case, he played 1, 5, 1, 7 and 2 straight on two $1 tickets for the May 26 evening drawing and that’s exactly what came up.

This isn’t his first substantial Lottery prize. The Prince George’s County resident once scored $10,000 playing Pick 4. This $100,000 win, however, is his biggest Lottery windfall by far.

Asked what he would do with his newfound fortune, the lucky player said he had neither plans for big projects nor small celebrations. “I’m going to get it to the bank and let my wife take care of that,” he said.

Meanwhile, the avid player plans to continue his Pick 5 fun, sometimes using numbers associated with his address but also changing it up when he sees digits that strike his fancy. “I’m just waiting for lightning to strike again!” he said.

Sharing in his electrifying win is Best 1 Food Market at 4225 Southern Avenue in Capitol Heights, where the winning tickets were purchased. The Prince George’s County store receives two bonus payments of $500 each (for a total of $1,000) for its role in the lucky win. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.