Lottery Luck Shines Twice on COVID-19 Intensive Care Nurse

Lands 11th progressive jackpot in FAST PLAY Payday game for score of $65,966

For the second time in less than a year, a nurse working in a Maryland COVID-19 intensive care unit claimed a substantial Maryland Lottery prize. This time around, the Bowie resident scored $65,966 on a FAST PLAY  Payday ticket.

The prize, claimed on March 2, came about 10 months after she stopped by Lottery headquarters in Baltimore on May 11, 2021 to claim a $50,000 FAST PLAY prize on the Lucky Numbers game.

She bought her newest lucky ticket March 1 at the Kettering BP gas station in Upper Marlboro. The 32-year-old then scanned the ticket at the retailer and got a message telling her to check with the cashier. Not wanting to cause a commotion if the prize were a big one, she went to a different location, checked again and saw the ticket was worth $65,966.

“Have you ever been in so much shock that you didn’t have a reaction?” she said, describing how she felt after winning big a second time within a year.

Originally from southwestern Virginia, the Prince George’s County resident came to Maryland as a traveling nurse and has worked long shifts in hospital COVID-19 wards. She spends most of her free time caring for her elderly mother.

“A lot of people have said you have blessings coming, but I didn’t know it would be in the form of winning the Lottery,” she said.

The healthcare worker said she plans to use the prize to make living improvements for she and her mom, noting that there are unexpected costs that arise from long-term living so far from home. Plus, she said, relative to southwestern Virginia, Maryland is a more expensive place to live.

The Lottery has been a source of entertainment in her limited free time, she said, adding, “I love it. I love it!”

Her lucky Prince George’s County retailer, Kettering BP at 10604 Campus Way South, receives a bonus from the Lottery for selling the winning ticket. The bonus, $659.66, is equal to 1% of the prize.

The Payday game has nine remaining progressive jackpot prizes, along with 10 unclaimed $5,000 prizes. The progressive jackpot starts at $40,000 and rises with the sale of each ticket until a jackpot-winning ticket is sold.