Lottery Winner of Ukrainian Heritage Plans to Help His Homeland

Power 5s instant ticket purchased in Middle River pays $50,000 prize

A Maryland Lottery player of Ukrainian heritage plans to send some of the $50,000 prize he claimed on March 4 to help people in his homeland.

The Middle River resident bought a Power 5s instant ticket at Baker’s Tavern, 2233 Old Eastern Avenue in Middle River, and scratched to reveal the numeral 5 next to 10 places showing $5,000 wins.

A regular Lottery player, the winner enjoys playing Keno and scratch-offs. He has won prizes in the past at the $300 to $500 level. His Power 5s win, he said, is his biggest to date. In addition to helping people in his homeland, the winner plans to settle a few bills.

The Baltimore County man found the third top prize in the $5 game, which went on sale Nov. 15, 2021. Five $50,000 top prizes are still awaiting discovery.

Also with reason to celebrate is his lucky Baltimore County retailer. The store receives a bonus of $500, equal to 1% of the prize, for selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.