‘Hill Toppers’ of Frederick Win $50,000 Pick 5 Prize Playing Same Set of Numbers

The “Hill Toppers” of Frederick have more funds to invest for retirement – and to buy seafood dinners – thanks to a $50,000 Pick 5 win.

Lucky husband-and-wife team bought winning ticket at local store

Maryland Lottery enthusiasts who have played Pick 5 since its debut on Feb. 7 claimed a $50,000 prize on March 4, winning big with a $1 straight bet in the Feb. 21 evening drawing.

The Frederick couple’s Presidents’ Day win was the fifth at the $50,000 level on the new game and the 16th at the top level, which includes both $50,000 prizes on a $1 straight bet and $25,000 on a 50-cent straight bet.

The pair, going by the name “Hill Toppers” for Lottery publicity, starting playing Pick 5 with a series of quick-pick tickets. One ticket had the number 15123, which they continued to play regularly with the last two digits swapped. When 15132 came up on Feb. 21, they had the big win.

“It’s a challenge to pick the numbers,” said the husband, noting he has picked up smaller prizes on Lottery games in the past.

They have fairly simple plans for the proceeds. “We’re going to help family out, and make some retirement investments,” the husband said. His wife added, “I’m going to eat as much seafood as I want for the next month!”

They bought the hot $1 ticket at Festival Major Liquors, located at 446 Prospect Boulevard in Frederick. The store receives a bonus of $500 from the Lottery for its role in the lucky sale. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.