Lucky 7s Lead to Evening of Big Wins for Pick 5 Players

77770 combination delivers 20 winning tickets each worth $10,000 or more

When the Maryland Lottery’s evening Pick 5 drawing came up 77770 on Aug. 9, the result was an unusual number of big winners. A total of five $1 straight tickets each won $50,000, and five 50-cent straight tickets each won $25,000.

Meanwhile, there were 10 5-Way Box tickets with $1 wagers that each won $10,000.

Two of the five $50,000-winning tickets were sold at Monumental Liquors in Baltimore City, while  two others were sold at Bell’s Drive-In Liquors in Capitol Heights. One of the $50,000 winners and two of the $10,000 winners were sold at Upper Marlboro Xtra Fuel in Upper Marlboro.

While the odds of any five-digit combination hitting straight are always 1 in 100,000, many players focus on certain combinations they regard as lucky, with combinations involving the No. 7 being particularly popular.

Here’s a list of all the big winners on a banner night for Pick 5 players:

  • Two $50,000-winning tickets purchased at Bell’s Drive-In Liquors, 5901 Central Avenue, Capitol Heights
  • Two $50,000-winning tickets purchased at Monumental Liquors, 2125 East Monument Street, Baltimore
  • $50,000 on a $1 ticket purchased at Upper Marlboro Xtra Fuel, 15009 Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro
  • $25,000 on a 50-cent ticket purchased at 7-Eleven #25403, 13401 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring
  • $25,000 on a 50-cent ticket purchased at AJ Liquors, 3801 Bladensburg Road, Brentwood
  • $25,000 on a 50-cent ticket purchased at Arundel Mills Wine and Spirit, 7645 Arundel Mills Boulevard, Suite 20, Hanover
  • $25,000 on a 50-cent ticket purchased at Meyer’s Liquors, 3601 Old Silver Hill Road, Suitland
  • $25,000 on a 50-cent ticket purchased at Route 40 Sunoco, 5621 Baltimore National Pike, Baltimore

A boxed wager on the combination paid an unusually high $10,000 for a $1 ticket because there are only five possible combinations when four of the digits are the same. The odds of hitting one of those combinations are 1 in 20,000. By comparison, a five-digit boxed bet where all the digits are different has 120 possible ways of hitting, so the odds are better at 1 in 883 but the payout is lower at $400 for a $1 bet.

The 10 tickets worth $10,000 each on a $1 boxed bet were purchased at:

  • Two $10,000-winning tickets at Upper Marlboro Xtra Fuel, 15009 Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro
  • 7-Eleven #37697, 11690 Billingsley Road, Waldorf
  • Bryan’s Road U.S. Fuel, 3155 Marshall Hall Road, Bryan’s Road
  • Chas Auto Service, 5818 Riggs Road, Hyattsville
  • Fastop #53, 8054 Bayside Road, Chesapeake Beach
  • Reliance Market, 6075 Finchville-Reliance Road, Federalsburg
  • Royal Farms #048, 4045 Wilkens Avenue, Baltimore
  • Sheetz #210, 8408 Woodsboro Pike, Walkersville
  • Tantallon Exxon, 10815 Indian Head Highway, Fort Washington