Baltimore Woman Claims $50,000 Prize on $10 Scratch-Off Ticket

She and her husband bought lucky ticket during a dinner run

A woman from Baltimore who enjoys playing the daily numbers games recently decided to start playing more scratch-offs and ended up winning $50,000 on the $10 Money Rush game.

“This’ll be used for bills,” she said with a smile on Aug. 9 as  she claimed the prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, adding that her property taxes are due, so the cash will come in handy.

Accompanying the winner was her husband. While they are very happy about the Lottery win — their biggest to date — any celebration will take place quietly at home, he said.

“I go to work and when I come home, I’m ready to be home,” he said, as she shot him a glance. “I like it at home. She just puts up with me,” he added with a smile.

While they don’t necessarily agree about how much time should be spent at home, they do both enjoy playing Lottery games, including the second-chance contests available through the My Lottery Rewards program.

“We got a microwave on that,” she said. Their biggest previous Lottery wins were $5,000 for her and $500 for him.

They plan to keep on playing because they enjoy it.

“Oh, yeah, it’s anticipation. It’s fun!” she said.

They bought their winning ticket at Eastern Liquors at 22 Kingston Road in Middle River, one of a few places where they stopped on a recent excursion that involved dinner from a Chinese restaurant that they took home to enjoy.

The Money Rush game went on sale July 18, and seven of its $100,000 top prizes remain unclaimed. There are also still eight more unclaimed $50,000 second-tier prizes, 25 more $10,000 prizes, and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.