Lucky ‘Lebo Lee’ Wins $30,000 on Free FAST PLAY Ticket

The Lottery’s Spring Fling promotion gave “Lebo Lee” of Baltimore a free FAST PLAY ticket that carried a $30,000 prize.

Wins with ticket issued through Spring Fling promotion

“Lebo Lee” of Baltimore got on the road to her good fortune when she bought a Pick 3 ticket. That ticket printed from the terminal along with a free FAST PLAY SKEE-BALL® ticket as part of the Lottery’s Spring Fling promotion, which is giving players a chance to instantly win free FAST PLAY tickets with any draw game ticket purchase now through May 1.

Winning that free SKEE-BALL ticket certainly ramped up the fun for “Lebo Lee,” who won its $30,000 top prize!

The 71-year-old, who claimed her prize this week, told Lottery officials that she immediately saw the “Congratulations” message printed on the top of her Pick 3 and FAST PLAY SKEE-BALL tickets. She was shopping at Kwik Mart in Baltimore when the big win happened. The lucky lady scanned the SKEE-BALL ticket and, once again, saw a “Congratulations” message. She took the free ticket to the clerk to cash in on her win, thinking the prize was $30. When the clerk explained that her prize was much larger, the shocked player’s mind began racing.

“I couldn’t believe it,” “Lebo Lee” said. “I got nervous and started shaking.”

The winner shared her great news with family members and friends alike. Known for her generosity, “Lebo Lee” and a friend who accompanied her to Lottery headquarters say they believe she was supposed to win because of her past generosity.

Since retiring from the Maryland Transit Authority in 2008, “Lebo Lee” enjoys playing Lottery games, playing the card game pinochle and shopping. She plans to use her winnings for home improvements and a new fish aquarium.

The Spring Fling promotion awards draw game players, at random, a free ticket for either a $1 Sunny Money game, $2 Diamond Dollar$ game, $3 SKEE-BALL game or $10 High Roller Jackpot game. Buy any draw game ticket now through May 1 to be eligible.

Her lucky retailer, Kwik Mart located at located at 6656 Belair Road in Baltimore City, will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery for its role in “Lebo Lee’s” good fortune.