Lucky Number Spurs Spontaneous Scratch-off Purchase

Eastern Shore woman claims $50,000 Diamond Mine X9 top prize 

“It was that nine,” a stay-at-home Easton mother told Lottery officials last week when asked why she’d bought the instant ticket that produced her big payout. “My lucky number has always been nine,” she continued. “So, when I saw a game with nine in its name, I knew I had to give it a try.”

The Talbot County resident is a longtime Lottery player and no stranger to big wins. “This is my third $50,000 prize, if you can believe it,” she said. Despite her familiarity with the Lottery’s games and her undeniable luck, the 67-year-old had no intention of buying a ticket when she visited U-5 Foods, a convenience store at 47 South Washington Street in Easton. And then, she saw Diamond Mine X9.

“I scratched it later at home, and all that I could say was, ‘Wow, not again!’” Unable to believe her good fortune, our three-time winner dug a magnifying glass out of a junk drawer to study the $5 instant ticket more carefully.

“I called my granddaughter and she refused to believe me. She kept saying, ‘No.’ She stopped by after work so I could show her the ticket, and all she could say then was, ‘Yes!’” The lucky Eastern Shore woman will take care of some bills with her prize and then share the remainder with her family.

Diamond Mine X9 debuted in February. This win leaves two of its eight $50,000 top prizes in play. Five $5,000 second-tier prizes are also still available. Management at U-5 Foods will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize winner.