Lucky Player Now Set for Retirement, Thanks to Lottery Windfall

Virginia woman claims $50,000 prize on Pick 5 straight bet

A Woodbridge, Virginia woman who has long hoped and prayed for a windfall of some sort found a $50,000 solution, courtesy of the Maryland Lottery’s new Pick 5 game. While in Maryland one day, the player decided to try her luck and is now set for retirement.

The 58-year-old bought her Pick 5 ticket on Feb. 25 at Clinton Crossings Exxon, which she visits because of its close proximity to the beltway. The security manager at the Pentagon based her Pick 5 numbers on her home address and hoped for the best. She placed a $1 straight bet for both the midday and evening drawings on Feb. 25-26 and left with her $2 ticket.

The loyal player didn’t learn of her good fortune until the next day when a friend called. The friend said her usual numbers came out and the lucky lady was beside herself with excitement. She frequently plays her house address in Lottery games.

“I have been praying for a windfall so that I can retire,” the player said. Thanks to this big win, retirement has gone from a dream to reality set to happen in September after 19 years working in Washington, D.C. She also plans to pay off bills so that she can enjoy retirement.

Getting a bonus for its role in the big win is Clinton Crossings Exxon located at 8915 Woodyard Road in Clinton. The convenience store and gas station will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $50,000 winning Pick 5 ticket.