Mega Millions Winning-Number Replay Strategy Brings $20,000 Prize

Jay Wolfe of Kensington is replaying a series of winning Mega Millions combinations for each drawing in 2022. On March 29, he hit for a third-tier prize of $20,000.

Player from Kensington still in pursuit of ‘the big one’

On the logic that Mega Millions numbers that already won are a lucky combination, a player from Kensington is replaying past winning numbers for every drawing in 2022 in hopes of hitting big. For the March 29 drawing, the strategy resulted in a $20,000 third-tier prize.

“I know I’m going to be back for the big one!” said winner Jay Wolfe while claiming his prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The 52-year-old was delayed in picking up his March winnings because he needed to square away some paperwork issues first.

While Jay enjoyed coming up with his game-playing routine, he knows the odds of any combination of five white balls and a Mega Ball hitting is always 1 in 302,575,350. Those odds are regardless of whether that combination hit last draw, last year or never. His strategy is for sport.

“I’m having fun,” Jay said. His strategy is also not for the financially faint of heart. He has set aside money to play $71 for each of the 104 drawings in 2022, including adding the Megaplier option for each combination. The Megaplier paid off on this winning ticket, turning what would have been a $10,000 third-tier win into a $20,000 score.

The Montgomery County man says he had no big plans for his prize, although it did make purchasing a high school graduation gift for his son – a vacation at the Delaware beaches – a little easier. With more than half of the year still ahead of him, Jay plans to continue playing according to his strategy. He bought this winning ticket at Gourmet Beer & Wine at 11530 Rockville Pike in Rockville.

Meanwhile, the Mega Millions jackpot continues to roll and is set for an estimated $189 million in the Friday, June 3 drawing. The estimated cash value is $109.9 million.