Miscalculation Delays Accountant’s Knowledge of $50,000 Win

Washington, D.C. resident claims third-tier Powerball prize

One thing an accountant knows for sure is numbers, and miscalculations are rare. But a mistake by a Washington, D.C. accountant who enjoys playing Mega Millions and Powerball delayed his exciting discovery of a $50,000 payday.

A week ago, the jackpot chaser got off work and stopped to pick up some games for the week at Giant #354, which is located at 1280 East West Highway in Silver Spring. He opted for a $2 quick-pick Powerball ticket for the May 3 drawing. Before going to work the next day, the loyal player checked the ticket for a win.

“When I looked at the numbers, I only saw three matches and the red Powerball,” he said. “In my mind, I’m thinking it’s a $100 win.”

The 70-year-old headed to a local Lottery retailer to claim his prize. But when he scanned the ticket, the message on the scanner said to see the cashier. “I was confused,” said the winner, “because it’s only $100, right?”

The lucky player took his ticket to the cashier only to find out that his $100 win was really $50,000. He had actually matched four white balls and the red Powerball for a third-tier, $50,000 prize.

When the big winner shared his story with Lottery officials, he still couldn’t believe his miscalculation. The father and grandfather said he will probably put his prize into his savings account and may also go on a vacation.

No one has hit the jackpot that night or in recent drawings. The jackpot is set at an estimated annuity of $125 million for the Saturday, May 13 drawing with an estimated cash option of $67.2 million.