Napping Lottery Fan Awakens to $50,000 Pick 5 Win

A lucky license plate helped make George Butcher of Baltimore $50,000 richer.

Feb. 15 midday drawing delivers big prize

Waking up from an afternoon nap only to discover he was $50,000 richer had George Butcher of Baltimore shouting in disbelief and happiness from his bed.

The loyal Lottery player won a top prize of $50,000 in the Feb. 15 Pick 5 midday drawing. The happy winner placed a $1 straight bet on the Feb. 14 evening drawing and Feb. 15 midday drawing with the numbers 95636. He had made his lucky wager at Royal Farms #057 located at 100 West Padonia Road in Timonium.

Going about his normal routine, he enjoyed an afternoon nap on Feb. 15 and woke up to check for a win in the midday drawing. Having the winning numbers match those on his ticket led to an exuberant celebration.

“NO WAY! What? No way!” George recalls yelling from his bed. When asked what he plans to do with his windfall, he had several ideas. George plans to replace his roof and make some other home renovations, treat his wife to a vacation and pay bills.

George said he enjoys taking risks in life and said playing the Lottery feels like a fun risk each time. “You aren’t always sure of the results but when you win, it’s worth it.”

His favorite Lottery games include Powerball or Mega Millions. This win beats his previous personal record prize of $5,000. Asked how he came up with the Pick 5 digits for his big win, George said he played a license plate number.

The winner’s lucky retailer also shares in the big win. For selling a $50,000-winning Pick 5 ticket, Royal Farms #057 receives a bonus of $500, equal to 1% of the prize, from the Lottery.