Powerball Rewards Fan’s Dedication with Third-Tier Prize

Frederick County man wins $50,000 with quick-pick ticket

He’s exclusively a big jackpot kind of player, the marketing specialist told Lottery officials last week when he visited Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. Mega Millions and Powerball are his favorite games, and although neither had proven lucky for him, he stuck with them for years. That Lottery loyalty finally paid off on Feb. 12 when his Powerball numbers added up to a $50,000 third-tier win.

“I always check the results first thing the next morning, and I start by looking for a Power Ball match,” said the Frederick resident. Matching the Power Ball, the final number selected, guarantees a win, if only a small one.

“When I see a Power Ball match I know that I at least won my money back.” Happy to see that he had in fact matched the Power Ball on one of the two combinations on his $4 quick-pick ticket, he began looking for additional matches. “I’d hoped to find two or three, but wow.”

When he finished counting matches, our winner sat in his office in utter disbelief. “I must have checked my ticket and the results 20 times to be sure. I found five matches every time. $50,000!”

Unable to let loose with the shout that was building inside of him, the loyal player focused his energy on a call to his wife. “Without giving any details, I asked her if she’d mind going to Baltimore with me. She couldn’t figure it out for a few minutes, but when she did, she did enough yelling for the both of us.”

The Frederick County couple will use some of their Powerball winnings for home repair projects. “We’ll do something fun, also,” they said, “something to really celebrate this good luck.”

Sharing in that good fortune is the management of GetGo Giant Eagle, the Frederick retailer that sold the $50,000 winning ticket. Just in case any of that Powerball luck is still around the gas station and convenience store, visit the business at 1000 West Patrick Street.