No Fooling: Owings Mills Mom Lands $50,000 April Fools’ Day Win

Her retirement fund is getting a big boost after “Lottery Queen” wins a $50,000 scratch-off prize.

‘Lottery Queen’ takes home top prize on $50,000 Cash scratch-off

When “Lottery Queen” of Owings Mills phoned her friend on April 1 to share news of her $50,000 scratch-off win, it wasn’t long before the dubious friend phoned to speak to her again.

“She called me back in an hour and said, ‘It’s April Fools’ Day. Is this an April Fools’ Day joke?’ I told her ‘No!’” the lucky lady said. The lucky winner landed a $50,000 top prize on the $20 $50,000 Cash scratch-off.

The Baltimore City government employee dubbed herself “Lottery Queen” because she plays a variety of Lottery games as a hobby. Prior to her $50,000 win, “Lottery Queen” has won prizes of $5,000 and $4,000 and many smaller amounts.

“A girl’s gotta have fun,” she said. “I enjoy it and I know what my limits are. I have a budget for Lottery games. I never thought I would get the big 5-0!”

The mother of one decided to buy a few tickets on Saturday before the big storm hit. “I was going to be home all day and I didn’t have anything to do,” she said. The Baltimore County resident visited Royal Farms #140 located at 10988 Red Run Boulevard in Owings Mills to buy her Pick 3/4/5 tickets and a scratch-off. She took them home and immediately saw a match with one of the winning numbers on the $50,000 Cash game.

“I said, ‘Oh, 22, here’s a 22. When I saw the $50,000 amount, I said, ‘No way!’” She found herself pacing her apartment for about an hour, looking at the scratch-off and trying to decide who to call. “Lottery Queen” verified the win using the Lottery app on her phone, signed and photographed the scratch-off and hid the instant ticket until she could claim the prize on April 3 at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. She then called her sister to share the lucky scratch-off’s location in case anything happened to her before Monday!

“From that point on, I don’t think I slept,” she said. “It was really exciting. I can sleep tonight.”

“Lottery Queen” plans to pay bills with the prize and deposit most of it into her retirement fund. For its role in the $50,000 top-prize scratch-off win, Royal Farms #140 will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.