Oxon Hill Man: Strategy Delivered $100,000 Scratch-off Fortune

Player plans to shore up finances with windfall

Things are looking up for a Maryland Lottery player from Oxon Hill, who claims his lucky strategy paid off with a $100,000 scratch-off prize. Alverto Mendoza Pena, who found his big win with a 50 Years! instant ticket, stopped by Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize and share his story with officials.

Alverto was enjoying a day with his family when he stopped at Dash In #10982 located at 8228 Woodyard Road in Clinton to buy snacks and sodas. Before heading to the cashier to pay for his items, the 33-year-old dad couldn’t resist stopping at the Lottery kiosk to pick up a few scratch-offs.

His play strategy is simple. Alverto carefully researches the numbers of prizes on each instant ticket, making his selection based on the number of big prizes remaining. This strategy worked in his favor with the 50 Years! scratch-off, which had two $5 million top prizes left, six $100,000 prizes, three $50,000 prizes and 50 $10,000 prizes.

Alverto was in disbelief when he revealed a $100,000 prize on his game. The maintenance technician quietly completed his snack purchase and left the store, calling his wife to share the good news.

The Prince George’s County resident considers himself “lucky” for winning and hopes his strategy continues to yield big prizes. When asked what he will do with his fortune, he replied, “I have no idea what I’m going to do with the money but I deserve something nice.” Until then, the funds will go in the bank to boost his savings.

The 50 Years! instant ticket went on sale in February. The $50 game – Maryland’s first scratch-off at that price point – shot to the No.1 spot on the Lottery’s list of scratch-offs in the last week of February and has remained there ever since.