Pasadena Woman Collects $30,000 on FAST PLAY Game

Marquese Ford of Pasadena won $30,000 on a FAST PLAY MONOPOLY™ Game Tokens ticket. She was filled with excitement after the big win. Read more.

Takes home top prize on FAST PLAY MONOPOLY™ Game Tokens ticket

Marquese Ford of Pasadena was full of excitement as she arrived at Lottery headquarters to claim her $30,000 FAST PLAY MONOPOLY™ Game Tokens prize.

The loyal Pick 3, Pick 4 and scratch-off player told Lottery officials that is the first time she’s won more than $100. The Anne Arundel County resident said it felt great to celebrate her top-prize win.

“I thought that one day, I would hit something – and I finally did,” she said.

The government worker said she usually purchases $5 and $10 tickets, but decided to take a new approach and purchased a $3 FAST PLAY.

According to Marquese, she did not know the amount she won so she took her ticket back to her Lottery retailer. The 7-Eleven at 477 Olde Mill Shopping Center in Millersville revealed that Marquese won $30,000. She couldn’t believe the news.

“My eyes got big and the clerk’s eyes were bigger,” she said.

The clerk at the store had good reason to be excited too as the store will receive a $300 bonus for selling the top-prize ticket.

Marquese said she is going to use her winnings to pay bills.

FAST PLAY MONOPOLY™ Game Tokens began on Jan. 22, 2022. Marquese is the third top-prize. Seven $30,000 prizes still remain along with prizes ranging from $3 to $1,000.