Car Dealership Owner Drives Home With Hefty Lottery Prize

Bowie resident wins $50,000 prize on Pick 5 ticket

A lucky Bowie man uses license plate numbers to make his Pick 5 bets, which makes a lot of sense for someone who owns a car dealership. And it recently paid off to the tune of $50,000.

The Prince George’s County resident made a stop at his usual Lottery retailer, Bowie Exxon located at 1500 NW Crain Highway in Bowie and bought a $1 straight ticket for the April 27 midday drawing. His numbers hit that day, delivering a $50,000 prize.

He said he didn’t know that he won until he received a phone call from his brother, adding that his family is well aware that he uses license plates numbers as well as birthdates as inspiration for his Pick 5 numbers.

The happy winner has no specific plans for his winnings except to pay some bills. He’s worked in auto sales for the past 40 years and does not plan on retiring any time soon.

The Bowie Exxon will receive a $500 bonus for its role in selling a winning Pick 5 ticket worth $50,000.