Pasadena Woman Scratches $50,000 Win on Crossword Game

More Lottery games in the future for enthusiastic player

A Maryland Lottery player from Pasadena who collected a $50,000 top prize on a crossword scratch-off was so enthusiastic she planned to buy more games as soon as she left Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

“I buy the ones you have to do something with,” she said, noting that her favorites are the extended-play crossword and bingo games. “If I’m going to spend $5 or $10, I want to do something!”

A $5 Deluxe Crossword 7th edition scratch-off brought her the windfall. The lucky game is packed with prizes, including seven unclaimed top prizes and 14 $10,000 prizes.

Typically, when she plays, the Anne Arundel County resident follows a self-described superstition-driven protocol. She has a list of places where she buys instant tickets. When she wins at one location, the player doesn’t return for the next several excursions to buy scratch-offs. Also, she uses her prizes to buy more games.

“I parlay winnings into more tickets,” she said.

In this case, the scratch-off fan rejected her routine for enjoying extended-play games because she disliked the selection of letters she revealed at the top of the instant ticket. Rather than scratch off the game’s two puzzles to reveal words, the winner scratched off the prize check area and scanned her game using the Lottery mobile app on her phone.

The lucky lady was shocked to see the message flash that she won $50,000. She took a screen shot of the message and saved the image before playing her scratch-off to confirm her windfall.

Our big winner has several plans for her prize, including buying more scratch-offs! “I’m going to put most of it away for a rainy day,” she added. The winner also enjoys betting on horse races with her husband and will earmark some of the funds for a trip or two to the track. She also might take a trip to Gettysburg, Pa., using some of her prize because she is interested in the ghost stories associated with the battlefield.

Sharing in the unexpected windfall is Dorsey Shell, where she bought her instant ticket. The Anne Arundel County gas station at 1356 Dorsey Road in Hanover picks up a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning scratch-off.