Pick 5 Delivers $50,000 Prize to Postal Service Retiree

Montgomery County resident wins with 12345

Known to his U.S. Postal Service buddies as “Jumper” for his basketball skills, a Damascus retiree who won a $50,000 Pick 5 prize often jumps at the chance to play his favorite numbers in the Pick family of games.

The Montgomery County man has favored 12345 as his Pick 5 number of choice ever since the digits hit on a significant date in February. “Jumper” missed a win on his birthday when he got a haircut instead of placing a $1 straight bet on 12345. His other favorite number is 8, which leads him to buy Lottery games with 8 in the name as well as 888 in Pick 3 and 8888 on Pick 4.

“I like 8s, period,” he said. The $50,000 Pick 5 prize that the married father just won in the Aug. 19 drawing is his biggest prize to date, well exceeding a $15,000 prize won over a decade ago.

“Jumper” said he has several favorite Lottery retailers and frequents Damascus Liberty because he can buy both gas and games. The 69-year-old pulled in there one day recently and was surprised to see a Lottery employee hanging a big banner proclaiming that the store had sold a $50,000 Pick 5 winning ticket. “Jumper” asked the employee about the date of the winning drawing and wondered about the unchecked stack of Pick 5 tickets he had at home.

“I had bought tickets straight and boxed,” said the winner, who returned home. “I looked at my tickets and said, ‘That might be me.’” Indeed, a scan of the tickets turned up his $50,000 win! He played a $1 straight ticket with 52134 for both the midday and evening drawings on Aug. 19, and the midday drawing did the trick.

“Jumper” plans to pay off a few bills with his prize. Joking that his wife already had the prize spent before he arrived at Lottery headquarters to claim it, the loyal player said eliminating or reducing debt is his top priority. He plans to keep playing Lottery games, too, in hopes of a return to the Winner’s Circle some day.