Player Finds Long Day’s Frustrations Erased by $230,443 FAST PLAY Win

Upper Marlboro man wins jackpot in Casino Royale Slots game

He really needed a break from the craziness, a Prince George’s County man told Lottery officials when asked what moved him to purchase a FAST PLAY Casino Royale Slots ticket on Sunday night. The $230,443 progressive jackpot prize he found at that gas station in Capitol Heights provided a greater relief than he ever could have expected.

The Upper Marlboro resident was working at a nearby restaurant, he explained, when life threw one too many curveballs his way. “It’s a nice place to work and the people there are great, but one thing after another kept popping up that day. I needed to step away for a few minutes so I hopped in the car and drove.” That momentary escape brought him to the Hampton Mall Exxon at 8901 Central Avenue.

“A Lottery ticket seemed like a perfect distraction, so I stopped.” The 33-year-old is a fan of the Lottery’s FAST PLAY games. “My favorite one just had its jackpot hit a few days earlier, so I looked for a different FAST PLAY game with a big-money top prize.” This is where Casino Royale Slots came in. The $10 ticket had a progressive jackpot that was over $230,000.

After purchasing three Casino Royale Slots tickets, he found no luck with the first two. “I didn’t really even look at the tickets, just brought them to the scanner. The third one surprised me.”

Seeing a message to check the ticket with the Lottery, the restaurant employee knew something was up. “I read over the ticket and saw the three matching symbols. I knew what I’d won and was just flooded with relief.” It seems he had suffered a financial loss in recent weeks. “Just like that, my most pressing problem was solved, with plenty left over for some fun and investments.”

The $10 Casino Royale Slots game debuted in January with a progressive jackpot that started at $100,000. His win was the game’s first and leaves 29 progressive jackpots remaining.

Management at his lucky Lottery retailer, Hampton Mall Exxon, can also celebrate. The business received a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a FAST PLAY progressive jackpot-winning ticket of $100,000 or more.