‘Surreal’ $50,000 Win Puts Dundalk ‘Dog Mom’ in House-Hunting Mode

“Dog Mom” of Dundalk plans to spoil her dogs with extra treats, thanks to her $50,000 scratch-off win.

Also plans to spoil her pups with scratch-off prize

A Baltimore County college student who owns a trio of dogs got lucky after buying a Six Figures scratch-off with a $50,000 second-tier prize.

The hard-working full-time student with a dual major in business and veterinary medicine selected the nickname “Dog Mom” to tell her tale of good fortune. The Dundalk woman said she has watched her family play Lottery games for years. When she has extra cash, “Dog Mom” buys scratch-offs to try to win a few bucks but never expected to win a big prize.

“It’s my first time winning this much,” she said with a smile after claiming her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. “It feels so surreal.”.

She has no definite plans yet for her top-prize win but hopes to buy a house. She also will celebrate by taking her family to a seafood restaurant. Her three dogs have a reason to wag their tails, too, as “Dog Mom” plans to shower them with treats.

Sharing in “Dog Mom’s” excitement is Eastern Avenue Exxon, which sold the winning scratch-off. The Lottery retailer is located at 6408 Eastern Avenue in Baltimore City.

The $10 Six Figures game, which is in the No. 9 spot on the Lottery’s Top 40 Scratch-Offs list, went on sale in December 2022 with eight top prizes of $100,000 and nine $50,000 prizes. “Dog Mom’s” $50,000-win leaves four of those prizes yet to be claimed, along with three more top prizes and 14 $10,000 prizes.