‘Power Putter’ Finds the Green with $50,000 Powerball Win

District of Columbia resident wins third-tier prize in Feb. 1 drawing. 

An avid golfer from Washington, D.C. is seeing plenty of green after becoming one of the Maryland Lottery’s latest Powerball winners. The former Prince George’s County government employee purchased a $2 ticket that wound up winning $50,000 in the Wednesday, Feb. 1 drawing.

The lucky player, who is calling himself the “Power Putter,” loves golf and reports having a 6 handicap. When he’s not on the links, the 72-year-old says he likes to try his luck with the Lottery’s draw games, including Powerball.

He didn’t discover his win immediately. “Power Putter” typically saves his Powerball tickets for a few weeks, setting them in a stack at home, before heading to a Lottery retailer to scan each ticket for a win.

“I was scanning my tickets and I had a few winners, $4 there, $2, then maybe $10, but then it happened. I looked down and there was a prize amount that went clear across the screen,” said the winner.

He described the moment as he reflected on his win. “This is like a dream. I’ve played for decades and never thought this could happen to me.”

“Power Putter” said the $50,000 prize will help him pay bills, add to savings and tackle a few home improvements. Our winner took his lucky swing with a quick-pick ticket purchased at Croom Citgo located at 7538 Crain Highway in Upper Marlboro.