Lottery Player Forgets the Bread, Still Brings Home the Dough

Harford County man wins $100,000 playing Gold X50 scratch-off

A 65-year-old Harford County man hopes to be on the move after winning $100,000 playing the Gold X50 scratch-off game. He found Lottery luck after having to go back to the store because he forgot to buy a loaf of bread. The big winner really brought home the dough!

On a recent Monday, the lucky player was running errands that included a trip to the grocery. He stopped at Royal Farms #188 in Aberdeen to buy a few scratch-offs as he often does. However, both Lottery vending machines were occupied. So, the father of two left and continued his trek to the grocery. When he got back home, he realized that he forgot to buy a loaf of bread.

“I also remembered that I never picked up my Lottery games,” he said. “So, I stopped back at the Royal Farms store and bought a FAST PLAY game and a $10 Gold X50 ticket.”

The electronics technician then bought a loaf of bread at the grocery and returned home with his purchases. The Aberdeen resident said the FAST PLAY game was not a winner. After scratching the Gold X50 instant ticket, he realized that something looked odd.

“I matched the winning number, so I knew I won,” he said. “But, I thought it was only $1,000 at first.”

Upon closer inspection, the lucky player realized he was seeing too many zeros for a $1,000 prize. He called his wife to take a look. “I thought it was a joke,” said the winner’s wife, who accompanied him to Lottery headquarters to claim the prize. “I thought I was reading it wrong, it just didn’t seem right.”

Wanting to confirm the $100,000 win, the husband downloaded the Lottery app to his phone so he could scan the scratch-off for a win. Even though the win appeared to be $100,000, the cautious player was still skeptical. He signed the back of the scratch-off and locked it up in a safe until he could claim the prize.

The big winner shared with Lottery officials that he and his wife hope to relocate or purchase a second home in another state. His $100,000 prize will help them do that.

Also celebrating the big win is Royal Farms #188 located at 742 South Philadelphia Boulevard in Aberdeen. The Harford County retailer receives a bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery for selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.

The Gold X50 game went on sale in late January. It began with 10 $100,000 top prizes and is a member of the Gold Multiplier family of games and the Gold Multiplier second-chance promotion. This is the second $100,000 top prize claimed. Other members of the scratch-off family are the $1 Gold X5, $2 Gold X10 and $5 Gold X20 games.