Powerball Win for Prince George’s County Couple

Winners miss the jackpot by one number taking home a $50,000 win

A Hyattsville couple won a $50,000 third-tier Powerball prize in April, missing the big jackpot by just one number. The fortunate duo claimed the prize last week at Lottery Headquarters.

The wife of the winning duo said she purchased the tickets on April 12, the same day as the drawing. The couple are fans of jackpot games, so when the wife went into the Shell Food Mart located at 7430 Riggs Road in Adelphi, she purchased both Powerball and Mega Millions tickets. The lucky lady was on her way to work, so she placed the tickets in her bag and went on her way. They didn’t realize they won big until two weeks later.

“We were at a local store and I remembered I needed to scan them,” said the wife. “We were blown away, when we saw the amount of the prize.”

The couple, who have one child together, wasted no time investigating what to do next and making an appointment to claim the $50,000.

When claiming the prize last Friday, they shared with Lottery Officials that they have no initial plans for the prize money and will put it in the bank for now.

The couple won the $50,000 third-tier Powerball prize meaning they matched four white balls and the red Powerball. The jackpot for that drawing was $202 million. Although they just missed the huge jackpot, they were still very happy about their luck.