Baltimore County Man Lands $50,000 Scratch-off Prize

John Meadows of Halethorpe visited Lottery headquarters to celebrate a $50,000 win on the Lucky Times 10 scratch-off.

Biggest win ever for home repair specialist

Halethorpe resident John Meadows said he’s had good fortune recently with the Lucky Times 10 scratch-off game. But on a recent stop to Selma’s Liquor and Grocery in Baltimore, he found out what “Lottery Luck” really looks like.

“I was there to cash in a $500 winner,” the 60-year-old painter said of the retailer located at 4600 Washington Boulevard in Baltimore. “I’ve won similar prizes with Lucky Times 10 many, many times.” In fact, when John saw several matching numbers on his ticket as he started scratching it in the store, he assumed that he’d had that sort of luck again.

“I always scratch the numbers first, not the prizes, so I figured it was another $50 winner. $500 if I was very lucky,” he said. But there was a big surprise waiting for him.  “When I scratched below the first match and saw $10,000, I knew right away this one was something special.”

The Halethorpe resident choked back the celebratory yell he felt building within and hurried home before even revealing all of his prizes. “I just had to get out of there, back home where I could scratch the rest of the ticket and react the way I wanted to.”

When he finished the game and realized that the prizes added up to $50,000, he was shocked. “My perfect world goal with the Lottery was always to win a big prize like this.”

Lucky Times 10 is a $10 game that went on sale in November 2022 with eight $100,000 top prizes and nine $50,000 second-tier prizes. Three of those top prizes and four more $50,000 prizes remain unclaimed, along with thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000.

John said his plans for his $50,000 windfall start with paying bills. “It’ll be a monumental relief to no longer owe anyone anything. Such a weight off of my shoulders.”