Prince George’s County Author Writes Her Way to Pick 5 Win

“Adelle” of Prince George’s County used a birth date to win $50,000 in the April 30 Pick 5 midday drawing.

Woman’s lucky number nabs $50,000 prize in April 30 drawing

A self-published author could not have written a more perfect Lottery story as her lucky number was drawn in the April 30 Pick 5 drawing. She won $50,000!

The Prince George’s County resident, who is using the alias “Adelle,” said she plays a variation of a birth date in Pick 3 and Pick 4 and always buys a $1 straight ticket for Pick 5.

“I have played it every day since the Pick 5 started (in February 2022),” “Adelle” said about her lucky number.

The loyal player went to check her numbers over a two-day period. She thought she was checking numbers for both days but actually checked the same day’s numbers twice. Then, Adelle realized her mistake.

“I went back and looked at it and realized I had won,” she explained. She hit it big in the midday drawing.

“Adelle” said she has written many self-published books about her family history, including one about her brother’s life and another about her upbringing in Maryland. The retired computer programmer said she has no plans yet on how she will spend her $50,000 prize. She does hope to win again in the future. “I am going to keep playing,” said “Adelle.”

Another winner was National Harbor Exxon in Fort Washington. The Prince George’s County retailer at 8005 Indian Head Highway will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the $50,000-winning Pick 5 ticket.