Familiar Voice Leads the Way to $50,000 Top Prize

Baltimore nurse listens, scratches and wins

“I’ve heard the voice before,” a Baltimore woman told Lottery officials last week, “and I can’t remember it ever steering me wrong.” Asked about her decision to purchase the $50,000 Cash scratch-off that produced her $50,000 top-prize win, E. Burrell gave the credit to the mysterious voice that told her that it was the right time to win big.

The 62-year-old nurse made it clear that she’s an everyday Lottery player, so the fact that she bought an instant ticket was in no way remarkable. The circumstances of this particular purchase, however, were unusual.

“I was driving with my son when, out of nowhere, the thought came into my head that I could win a lot of money right now,” she explained. After sharing this odd occurrence with her son, she recalls that he pointed out a Lottery retailer they were approaching. “So, I asked him to make a quick stop.”

It was Baltimore’s Beverage Depot at 7705 Harford Road that the “voice” and random chance chose to deliver the mom’s $50,000 win. Due to that stroke of luck, the Lottery will give the Baltimore County retailer a $500 bonus for selling the $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.

As for E. Burrell, she still can’t believe both how it all happened and the impact the prize will have on her life. “I’ve been looking around for a new house,” she said. “When I find the right one, I’ll have a much more impressive down payment ready than I did just last week.”

The $50,000 Cash game is a $20 instant ticket that debuted in December 2022 with 160 top prizes. Our happy nurse’s win leaves 114 remaining. Also available are 124 of the game’s $5,000 second-tier prizes and hundreds of thousands more ranging from $20 to $500.