Prince George’s County Caregiver Wins Crazy Big $50,000 Prize

Claims top prize scratching Crazy 8s game

She buys scratch-offs regularly, a District Heights resident told Lottery officials this week. And, while she wins often enough to maintain interest in her favorite pastime, the Lottery’s newest $50,000 winner just knew that she’d never hit it big.

A $5 Crazy 8s instant ticket proved her wrong.

“I knew the chances were against it ever happening,” the Prince George’s County caregiver explained, when asked about winning a top prize. “I was realistic about it.” The scratch-off fan said nostalgia guided her toward the instant ticket that would help her overcome those daunting odds.

“None of the instant games at the Shell station ‘felt’ lucky to me,” she told Lottery officials. “I couldn’t decide which one to play.” She was stumped by the Lottery offerings at Marlboro Pike Shell in District Heights. Luckily for her and the station’s management, the player noticed an old favorite among the selection.

It turned out that just a week earlier, the player had uncovered a $50 prize playing the Crazy 8s scratch-off. “When I saw the Crazy 8s, I bought two of them and headed home.” Finding her husband asleep after working a long shift, the lucky lady scratched off her instant tickets and was stunned by what she saw on one of the games. “The $5,000 wins just kept coming, ten of them in all. I just kept whispering, ‘Thank you, God.’”

On her way to work, the loyal player stopped at a Lottery store to scan her lucky game to verify the win. “I called home to wake my husband. The first thing I said to him was, ‘Don’t pass out!’”

Her winnings will first go toward a new family car. Also a winner is the management at Marlboro Pike Shell. The lucky retailer located at 5921 Silver Hill Road will receive a $500 bonus for selling a $50,000 top-prize winning instant ticket. There are six more $50,000 winning scratch-offs hiding among the Crazy 8s instant tickets you’ll see around Maryland along with six $5,000 second-tier winners, too.