Quick-Pick Powerball Ticket Delivers $50,000 Prize

Baltimore man lands third-tier win in Jan. 3 drawing

A Baltimore Powerball player missed winning a $522 million jackpot by one ball but did come away from the Jan. 3 drawing $50,000 richer.

One of the five lines of numbers on his $10 quick-pick ticket came up one ball short of matching five balls and the Power Ball to win the jackpot. But by matching four of the first five numbers and the Power Ball number, the 61-year-old landed a $50,000 third-tier prize. He bought his lucky ticket at Nikki’s Discount Liquors located at 7542 Belair Road in Baltimore.

Our anonymous winner is one of seven to win third-tier prizes in Powerball drawings since Jan. 1. Still unclaimed are a $50,020 prize on a ticket sold at Marathon Gas in Hampstead, $50,000 prizes won Jan. 5 on tickets sold by Crossroads Exxon in Pasadena and Westlake Wine & Beer in Bethesda and $100,000 prizes won Jan. 10 on tickets sold by Allentown Liquors in Camp Springs and Mystic Gas Station in Edgewood.