Quick-Pick Ticket Gives Baltimore County Man a $50,000 Powerball Prize

Social work employee takes home third-tier prize from May 4 drawing

A 53-year-old player from Baltimore turned $2 into $50,000 after playing Powerball on a whim back in May.

The lucky fellow doesn’t normally play Lottery games, but the thought came to him to purchase a ticket. On May 2, he walked into J Convenience at 8765 Satyr Hill Road in Parkville and purchased one quick-pick Powerball ticket. Days passed before he realized he won.

“I used a friend’s Lottery app to check my ticket and, sure enough, it was a winner,” said the occasional player.

To keep his win private, the Baltimore County resident didn’t let on to his friend that he won. He handed the phone back to his friend and later hid the $50,000-winning ticket in a safe. After some investigating, the social work employee made an appointment and claimed the prize last week.

The lucky player said he’ll use the winnings to help family members as needed but will put most of it in the bank to add to his savings. “This win is really just icing on the cake,” he said.

No one hit the Powerball jackpot on Saturday so it rolled to $346 million for the Monday, June 27 drawing. The cash value is estimated at $196.7 million.