Retired Baltimore Man Racks Up Another Big Lottery Win

$25,000 Pick 5 prize is his latest lucky windfall

Accustomed as he is to finding that his lucky numbers delivered a Lottery win, the 67-year-old Baltimore man wasn’t sure how much money his favorite combination produced when it matched the winning numbers in the Sept. 23 Pick 5 evening drawing.

The former manager at a Pepsi plant soon discovered his prize totaled $25,000, which was a fantastic return on a .50-cent straight bet. His winning digits were 11765.

“I recognized the numbers immediately,” he said, “could not believe what I was seeing.” The winner has enjoyed an amazing run of Lottery luck these last 15 years. He won $250,000 playing Mega Millions and twice hit Pick 4 for $20,000. “I never expected the first win, or the second and third. Each was a surprise, this one, too.”

Belvedere Plaza Liquors produced the $25,000-winning ticket. The store, which can be found at 5658 The Alameda in Baltimore, will receive a $250 bonus from the Lottery for selling the ticket.

Our winner’s lucky combination is composed of numbers important to his wife. “We disagree on how to spend the winnings,” he said, jokingly, “but she has an edge on me because of where the numbers came from, so we’ll go her way. Remodeling the house it will be.”