Rockville Man Stunned by Powerball win

Claims $50,000 prize in Feb. 11 drawing

He bought his lucky Powerball ticket, a Montgomery County man told Lottery officials, from a store that he’d never set foot in before. The $50,000 prize that ticket delivered, he explained, is a product of “a combination of right place, right time and just the craziest of coincidences.”

The Rockville resident was running an errand for his son last week when he saw the sign for Talbott Beer & Wine, located at 1071 Rockville Pike in Rockville, and decided to stop in to buy a ticket.

“I play Powerball and Mega Millions pretty regularly,” he said. Although he already had several tickets for the Saturday, Feb. 11 drawing, he picked up one more. In fact, our winner was shocked when informed that Talbott Beer & Wine sold him the third-tier winning ticket.

“At first, I couldn’t figure out what or where Talbott’s was, what I was doing there. I’d assumed the ticket was from one of my regular locations. If not for that errand, this never would have happened,” he said.

On Sunday morning, when he discovered that his quick-pick Powerball numbers had matched enough numbers to win big, he let out a shout that brought his wife running. “I told her that I thought we’d just won $50,000. We studied the ticket and the results together to make sure it was real.”

The happy winner said Lottery luck arrived at a great time. “There’s a lot going on with my family right now, with our children,” he said. “This is an incredible blessing for us. We’ll be able to support them now in ways that would have been difficult before this happened.”