Silver Spring Artist Creates $50,000 Pick 5 Masterpiece

Prize from June drawing will put winner back in the driver’s seat

The car trouble that had a Montgomery County artist cooling his heels also inspired his recent $50,000-winning Pick 5 experience. His temperamental vehicle has suffered one problem after another, he explained to Lottery officials last week, making travel increasingly difficult. One particular Uber ride not only delivered him successfully to his destination but also provided the inspiration that delivered a huge Lottery windfall.

“The Uber driver that day was great to talk to,” said the 51-year old. “We had a great conversation as he was driving me to work.” While the pleasant ride left him almost able to forget his unhappy transportation situation, the Silver Spring resident was unable to forget the numbers making up the Uber driver’s car license plate. “The Uber car’s plates just stuck in my head.”

Leaving the studio where he creates and arranges artwork for advertising posters and fliers, our winner stopped in at Wheaton Winery in Silver Spring to play Keno.

“I play a lot, Keno usually, but all the different games,” he said. “It’s fun, helps me relax.” About to depart the store, our winner remembered the Uber license plate numbers. “There were five numbers so I used them for a Pick 5 ticket.”

He placed a wager on the June 22 midday and evening drawing, betting $1 straight for both drawings.

“When I saw the results the next day, I had no reaction. Zero.” He has played Lottery games for a long time and often imagined how he would react when he finally won big. “I expected to be excited, to yell and scream. I’m not sure why I just sat there. I guess I was just frozen.”

How will our winner use his $50,000 prize? “As well as it turned out for me, that will be my last Uber ride for a long while.”

The management of Wheaton Winery located at 2211 University Boulevard in Silver Spring share in the big win. The Montgomery County retailer receives a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the $50,000-winning ticket.