Silver Spring Man Scans His Way to $100,000 Scratch-off Win

Didn’t notice his lucky win after scratching off instant ticket

A Montgomery County resident reminds everyone to scan their instant tickets to check for a win after scratching them if they think they missed out on a prize. That habit gave him $100,000 won on a $5,000,000 CASH scratch-off.

The big winner said he was using a penny on his scratch-off and thought he had a non-winning instant ticket. The Silver Spring man always scans his instant tickets at the store just to be sure he doesn’t toss a winning scratch-off. That was a smart move, as he learned he missed seeing the $100,000 prize and was actually a winner.

“I had goosebumps. I didn’t believe it,” he said with a smile.

After seeing the winning message on the scanner, the car detailer looked at his $50 instant ticket again to find his mistake. He saw that he had actually matched the winning number 13, which was buried at the bottom of the scratch-off. The matching number had a $100,000 prize underneath.

The happy winner plans to use his prize to pay bills and might look into a home renovation. He reports being on a winning streak lately, having won $1,000 last week on a scratch-off. The scratch-off player was in shock when he won again.

“It is just a blessing. I never dreamt I would win that type of money,” he said.

KW Beer and Wine located at 8513 Piney Branch Road in Silver Spring was his lucky retailer. The winner purchased and scanned his instant ticket at the Montgomery County store.

The $5,000,000 CASH game was the second most popular scratch-off in Maryland for the week ending May 12. This is the game’s first $100,000 winner; nine of the second-tier prizes remain unclaimed. There are still three of four top prizes of $5,000,000 available, too. The only player to claim the top prize was a woman from Silver Spring in March. There are still many prizes remaining ranging from $100 to $10,000.