Silver Spring Woman Wins $100,000 on Scratch-Off Ticket

She says she’ll keep on playing and encourages others to ‘be positive’

Playing the Lottery is a good time, according to a woman from Silver Spring who claimed a $100,000 prize Aug. 23 on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off game, but, she said, “winning is the greatest!”

A regular Lottery player who has previously scored prizes in the $25 to $50 range, she says she enjoys scratching tickets and thinking about the possibility of winning. Even as she was claiming her windfall — which came on the $10 game Six Figures — she said she had more tickets in her purse she needed to check.

She said she’ll keep playing, “to get the millions, hopefully!”

Her plans for her winnings include “maybe a little investing,” she said, and possibly a vacation to an as-yet undetermined destination.

As for other folks who play Lottery games and are still hoping for a big win, she says, “Just be positive.”

Sharing in her positivity is the Lottery retailer where she bought the ticket, the Sunshine Ethio store at 6907 New Hampshire Avenue in Takoma Park, which picks up a bonus of $1,000.