Caribbean Cruise on ‘Bucket List’ for $50,000 Lottery Winner from Clinton

Powerball third-tier prize brings opportunity for fun to Prince George’s County man

At nearly 70, he’s set in his ways, so winning $50,000 prize isn’t going to cause too many changes for a Maryland Lottery player from Clinton.

As he visited Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim his prize on Aug. 18, “bucket list,” was his response when asked about what he’ll do with the money. Specifically, he wants to go fishing in a boat on the ocean, and he wants to take a cruise to Puerto Rico. And, as his brother, who accompanied him to make the claim pointed out, he could roll both of those into one trip and still have money left.

He’s never done either, but said he believes they would be fun.

“I just like the simple life,” the winner said. Part of that simple life involves playing the Lottery, but not spending much time thinking about where he’s bought tickets of for which drawing. After claiming his prize, he was curious about where he purchased the lucky ticket because his general practice is to buy tickets, toss them in a bucket and check them later.

“That’s why I didn’t know where I bought the ticket,” he said, adding that when he finally did check a ticket for the July 22 Powerball drawing, he “got lucky with that one.” Nearly a month after the drawing he claimed his prize on a ticket sold at Tucker’s Liquors at 8100 Old Alexandria Ferry Road in Clinton. The quick-pick ticket matched four of the five white balls and the red Powerball number in the July 22 drawing.